rFOIL® Reflective Insulation


rFIOL® Ultrant Radiant Barrier for SCIF’s (1800 Series)

Protect your home from Smart Meters with this insulated sheeting.

Made for SCIF’s (Sensitive Compatmentalized Information Facility) that require the blocking of all electromagnetic transmissions so secrets don’t leak out or spies can’t peak in. They make an excellent shield to block electromatnetic energy into your home.

rFIOL® Benefits:

  • Highly reflective radiant barrier surface
  • Thermal performance unaffected by moisture
  • Unrolls and cuts easily
  • Durable and flexible woven polyetheyne base
  • Increases sound attenuation for SCIF’s
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs
  • Lowers energy usage and utility bills


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