About EMF Wranglers

We’d like to help as many people as we can to remediate the issues of harmful and dirty electricity in their homes and environments.

Chip Wilkins, Chief Wrangler

Training & Education

  • Completed training program with Stetzer Electric in EMF testing and remediation.

Chip’s Story

Chip Wilkins comes from a high-tech business background of over 35 years in business development, working with products that were changing the technological landscape, where he ended his career working at IBM.

It was as he was transitioning out of his traditional business career that he started exploring and looking for new opportunities wherein he could have a positive affect on the state of human affairs in whatever small way possible.

He had the good fortune to come across Dr. Sam Milham MD MPH and learn of the greatest untold story of the last 150 years and developed an interest in biophysics.

After learning about the adverse effects our unnatural environment was having us, Chip was amazed that something so profoundly challenging for our species and our society was not well known. He looked into it further and learned about the many health effects that are a biproduct of exposure to EMF’s (Electromagnetic Fields), which were numerous. He decided that he needed to, at a minimum, make sure friends and family knew about this and were protected.

Chip wanted to get this information out to the world, realizing that people were suffering unnecessarily and the medical profession was largely uninformed. The “regulators” who are supposed to protect our society (EPA, OSHA, etc) appear to have no interest in this topic because of costs associated with remediation that industry would have to absorb to protect workers, employees and customers.

When he started working with people and getting them set up with EMF filters, right off the bat, he began seeing successful results. They reported improvements in sleep, overall energy, and feeling more relaxed.

The EMF filters are not a treatment for the underlying health problems. They simply removes an environmental pollutant that’s having an adverse affect on our health.

His hope is that this technology will help people remove this challenge from their environment so they may feel and do better in their lives.

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