Everything that is man-made is a source of Electrical Pollution.

Ground (contact) current – from our power grid into our homes.
We often don’t realize that the grounding of electricity from the powerlines into our houses actually allows electricity to run through the ground. Even walking on the ground with bare feet can affect us.

Dirty Electricity –riding on the power is our homes and businesses.
The way the electricity is wired isn’t clean. Electricity escapes and radiates out to affect our bodies.

WiFi Routers and Devices
Our homes and offices are filled with electronic devices, mostly connected via WiFi routers. This allows even more electricity to run through the air. It especially affects us during sleep, when our body’s own electrical system is regenerating. It is best to turn off routers and electrical equipment before going to bed at night.

Cellphones and Towers
Cell towers are now all around us, as our world has become increasingly dependent on cell phones.

Smart Meters – reporting our power use to the power company “wirelessly”.

More about Dirty Electricity

“When Thomas Edison began wiring New York City with a direct current electricity distribution system in the 1880s, he gave humankind the magic of electric light, heat, and power; in the process, though, he inadvertently opened a Pandoras Box of unimaginable illness and death.” – Dr. Sam Milham, Dirty Electricity

Dirty Electricity, by Samuel Milham, MD, MPH, tells the story Dr. Milham’s research into the link between occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields and human disease. The book explains his early years and education, following the twisting path that led to his discovery that most of the twentieth century diseases of civilization, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and suicide, are caused by electromagnetic field exposure.

Get the book.

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